Water Spray System

System Information
Water Spray System:

Water Spray System is a special fixed pipe system connected to a reliable source of pressurised water supply and equipped with water spray nozzles for application on area / equipment to be protected. The system can be operated automatically by connection to an automatic detection and alarm system or manually, or both.

Water spray systems are generally used for fire protection of flammable liquid and gas storage tanks, piping, pumping equipment, electrical equipment such as transformers, oil switches, rotating electrical machinery etc. and for protection of openings in fire walls and floors.

The piping system is connected to the water supply through an automatically actuated Deluge Valve, which initiates flow of water. Automatic actuation is achieved by operation of automatic detecting equipment installed along with water spray nozzles. There are two types of systems namely High Velocity and Medium Velocity systems.

Types of Water Spray System:

• Medium Velocity Water Spray Systems (MVWSS) are used for fire protection of areas with fire risks from low FP flammable liquids (FP below 65 Degree C) and also for fire extinguishment of water miscible liquids (polar solvents, alcohols etc.) small installation as it becomes cost effective and also serves the purpose of safety and location identification is easy.
• High Velocity Water Spray Systems (HVWSS) are used for extinction of fires in flammable medium and heavy oils or similar flammable liquids having a flashpoint above 65 Degree C. (E.g. Transformer Fires, Lube Oil Tanks, Etc).


Components of the System:

Water Spray System


• Fire Fighting Pumps & Accessories.
• Piping
• Nozzles
• Deluge Valve
• Sprinkler / Detectors / Compressor
• Wiring & Instrumentations
• Maintenance Valves


Operational Information
Water Spray System:

The high / medium velocity water spray system protection operates on the same principle as a deluge system. Deluge Valve is known as a system control valve in a deluge system, used for fast application of water in a spray system. Deluge valve is a quick release, hydraulically operated diaphragm valve. It has three chambers, isolated from each other by the diaphragm operated clapper and seat seal. While in 'SET' position, water pressure is transmitted through an external bypass check valve and restriction orifice from the system supply side to the top chamber, so that supply pressure in the top chamber acts across the diaphragm operated clapper which holds the seat against the inlet supply pressure because of differential pressure design. On detection of fire the top chamber is vented to atmosphere through the outlet port via opened actuation device(s). The top chamber pressure cannot be replenished through the restricted inlet port, thus it reaches less than half the supply pressure instantaneously and the upward force of the supply pressure lifts the clapper allowing water to enter the system piping network and alarm devices. This allows the water to flow out through the projectors in the form of high / medium velocity water spray and extinguishes the fire. Generally, a water motor operated gong (as in the case of sprinkler systems) sounds the fire alarm. Sometimes, additionally an electrical alarm may also be provided. The water spray systems should have isolation facilities so as to enable periodic testing, maintenance etc. Normally, all cut-off valves should be locked open.

We offer best Design & Engineering of an integrated HVW / MVW spray system as per national/ international standard and guidelines. Our designed system in accordance to international standards is an arrangement of Piping, Deluge & Automatic Value, Nozzle, Q.B. Detectors etc. to make an automatic or manually actuated fixed pipe system connected to a water supply to provide a specific water discharge and distribution over the protected surface of area.

A typical Water Spray System Arrangement:
Water Spray System