LHS Cable Supplier

Linear Heat Sensor cable is a flexible, durable and cost-effective fixed temperature fire detector, suitable for protecting a wide range of commercial and industrial fire applications where spot-type heat detectors are unsuitable. Simple and easy-to-install, the LHS cable connects directly to the fire alarm panel initiating circuit. A short circuit along the LHS cable indicates a zone alarm condition. The LHS cable is available in a variety of operating temperatures and jackets.


The heat from a fire causes the LHS cable’s special insulation to melt at a specific temperature, allowing the two conductors to short together, thus creating an alarm condition on the fire control panel.

Open Area Protection Belt Conveyers
Tunnels Aircraft Hangars
Cable Trays Floating Roof Tanks

Alarm Temperature Range 145-158°F (63-70°C) 180 (82°C)



350°F (177°C) 452°F (233°C)
Ambient Storage Temp.* Up to 113*F(45°C) Up to 158°F (70*C) Upto221'F (1050C)
Up to 392°F (200*C)
Min. Installation Temp. 5°F (-15°C)
32*F(0°C)   -4°F (-20°C)
Min. Operating Temp." -40°F (-40°C)





-58'f i-stre)
Application Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor Indoor / Outdoor
Approved Spacing 20 ft (6m) max Proximity Detection
Flame Detection 5 seconds (max) 12 seconds (max) 20 seconds (max)
Outer Jacket Material Nylon Nylon PVC FEP
Outer Jacket Color Black Marked H8040N Slack Marked H8045N Black Red White
Conductor Insulation EVA Polythene Polypropylene FEP
Conductor Color 1 Black 1 Red 1 Black 1 Black/White 1 Black 1 White
External Diameter

0.13 in.

(3.35 mm)

0.13 in.

(3.35 mm)

0.17 in.

(4.35 mm)

0.17 in.

(435 mm)

0.14 in.

(3.5 mm)

Electrical Rating 1 Amp maximum. 110 Vdc maximum
Conductor Resistance 30.48 ohms/1000 ft @ 68*V (100 ohms/1000 m) @ 20*C
Conductor Capacitance 20.21 pHIL (66.32 pF/m) 25.42 pF/ft. (83.31 pF/m) 19.96 pF/ft. (65.48 pFim) 17.52 pF/ft (57.48 pF/m) 19.22 pF/ft (63.07 pF/m)
Insulation Rating 1000 megohm per 3280 ft (1000 m) after 1 minute @ 500 Vdc Minimum
Weight 10.65 Ib./1000ft. (15.85 kg/km) 10.65 Ib./1000 ft. (15.85 kg/km) 15.25 ID./1000 ft. (22.7 kg/km) 12.67 lb/1000 ft. (18.85 kgAm) 14.65 lb./1000fl (21.8 kgAm)