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Inline Foam Inductor is used to induct the foam liquid concentrate in water stream to supply proportioned solution of the liquid concentrate and water, to the foam producing equipment. The inductors are designed primarily for use in the fixed foam installation to provide a simple and reliable method of proportioning in constant flow applications. Inductor is designed for a pre-determined water pressure to give the correct proportioning at that pressure and discharge rate. The increase or decrease of the inlet pressure will result in an increase or decrease in the flow rate, which in turn will change the proportioning

Inline Inductor   Inline Inductor
Inline Inductor   Inline Inductor

OPERATING PRESSURE : 6.5 - 12 Bar (93 - 175 PSI)
INDUCTION : 3% or 6%
MAXIMUM BACK PRESSURE : 65%of the inlet pressure
NOMINAL SIZE : 65, 80, 100 & 150 NB
FINISH : Red RAL 3000


Fire Hydrant System
Fire Sprinkler System Public Address System
Water Spray System
Foam Protection System
Fire Alarm System Evacuation Plans
Fire Alarm System Addressable
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CO2 Gas flooding System
fm200 gas flooding System
novec gas flooding system
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